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Domain & Web Hosting:

Aforesaid, we provide end-to-end services and our domain hosting services give you that extra edge on your counterparts. Security comes with hosting and the likelihood of breaking into your domain is plenty, since there are many malicious hackers out there on the internet and are ready to hamper your proceedings.

It is our prime priority to secure your websites from viruses, Trojans, malware or spyware and thus prevent them from infecting your website.

So you can choose from a wide range of web hosting space plans with us. You can add multiple users and allow them their dedicated e-mail accounts. Also, our web hosting servers don’t let your web sites slow down…


  • We send timely reminder for updates and renewals.
  • We help you analyze the different type and size of hosting space available and assist you to take a final call of your choice.
  • Hassle-free email accounts creating and managing.
  • Varied range of storage space (ranging from as low as 25 MB to as high as several GBs).
  • We also offer dedicated servers on-demand.


Domain registration is just like naming your brand. Like we are incomplete and unidentifiable without our names,so the same applies to your business. With the wide spread accessibility of the internet and the increased mass awareness of the business personnel and it becomes an ingenious task to have a domain name of our choice or it costs manifolds. We help you choose the most apt and appropriate domain name for your business and ease the process of registration for you.

Register a domain with us at as low as Rs.499/- INR.

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