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College Management System

Our College Management System automates all the tedious tasks and eases the decision making process. Having all the records under one roof and being able to track all the activities with this system, boosts efficiency. Monitoring and managing college operations were never this easy. 

Our College Management System Modules are: 

  • Admin Settings:

This is the focus module where all the necessary updates can be done.

  • Attendance:

Real-time attendance processing with data collected through various sources.

  • Accreditation:

No need to collect information manually. Rather than putting efforts into documentation, save your valuable time. NBA, NAAC Report generated in a few clicks. 

  • Activity:

All the curriculum, co-curriculum activities and performance are taken into consideration and its respective attendance and fees too. Accordingly reports are generated.

  • Exam Hall ticket:

Hall tickets/ Admit cards can be generated. 

  • Examination Result:

Ease the exam processes for the teachers and the administration. Allotted marks entries and report card generation is managed. Results can be easily accessed by parents and teachers. 

  • Fees:

Designing the Fee Structure, Payment Receipt and generating Account Reports. 

  • Financial Accounting:

Payment Vouchers and Reports 

  • Hostel:

Generating Hostel list, Hostel Student list, List of Hostel Students Caste and Category-wise, Non-hostel Student list.  

  • Master Admin:

The main module from where the other modules as well as users can be accessed and controlled.

  • Lead Management:

Keeping track of consumer interests and enquiries for sales leads.

  • Payroll:

Accounting and managing of employees’ Payroll based on holidays, leaves and deductions. The salary structure is designed and pay slips are generated. Analysis is done and reports are created.

  • Admin Dashboard:

The Admin can keep track of all the admission process, attendance details, programs, schedules, results, students’ and teachers’ performances.

  • Certificate Printing:

Attempt Certificates, Bonafide Certificates, Course Certificates can be printed.

  • Online Admission:

Student registration and online form filling, verification of documents and confirmation reports. 

  • Student Information:

Student’s admission details, parents’ information, caste and category-wise details, required documents.  

  • Student report:

Class wise report, Student address report, Registration wise report, student fees structure, Gender wise class strength, number of students in respective class, Student caste and category wise report, hostel student caste and category wise, register report, subject wise fresh and repeater student report. 

  • Student Portal:

Fees payment, leave applications, certificates, course information and schedules, assignment details and scholarship applications. 

  • Alumni Management:

Have the entire Alumni database under one roof. Ease of interactions. 

  • Digital Document Management:

Documentation work is made easy and Reports are generated and can be shared.

  • Employee Portal:

Task and assignment details, employee activities and leave applications. 

  • Employee Entry tracker:

Keeping track of the INs and OUTs of the employees. Generating a comprehensive time based report of their incomings and outgoings.

  • Digital Repository:

This is a collection of all the specific online data. 

  • Email:

Email notifications and confirmations are managed.

  • Employee Appraisal:

A regular review of the job description, performance and contribution of the employees.

  • Employee Self Service:

Employees can access their personal records. It allows the employees to makes changes in their contact, banking related and other information. 

  • Employee Welfare:

Mediclaim and Insurance related Employee data can be even uploaded. 

  • Event Management:

Create and update events while keeping record of the participants, volunteers and visitors pertaining to the specific events. 

  • Front Office:

Managing all the Online Reports and keeping track through SMS and Mail integration.

  • Institute Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

Access and manage all the records of the social activities held, events, etc.  

  • Lesson Planning:

Lesson sessions are planned and reports are generated. 

  • Library Management:

Keeping track of and managing the functions of the library. 

  • Online public access catalog (OPAC):

Ease in locating books or other materials through the online database. 

  • Notices Module:

Notices to make announcements or for notifications can be uploaded.

  • Parent Teacher Meeting:

Creating schedules of the parent-teacher meeting, collecting feedback and generating records. 

  • Parent Portal:

Fee payment, accessing results and viewing notices.

  • Scholarship:

Managing data pertaining to scholarships, registration, document verification and approval along with report generation. 

  • SMS Integration:

Integrated management of work between teachers, students, staff and parents. 

  • Task Management:

Assigning and scheduling tasks and generating reports. 

  • Time Table:

Generating class- and teacher-specific time-table reports. 

  • Training and Development:

Employees’ Training schedules, record and feedback and other details. 

  • Trustee Portal:

The information of the different institutes such as admission fee collection, placement, attendance, leaves and payroll can be tracked. 

  • Placement Management:

Automation of the placement process

  • Visitors Management:

Visitors’ details, identification and reports. 

  • Audio Video Library:

Informational audios and videos can be uploaded and it can be accessed by the students and teachers and other staff members. 


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