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CRM Software

Various portals provide ease of access to generate realtime data reports.

CRM Software:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is where the Data from Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service is collected. Someone can analyze the data that has been organized. Someone can organize this data and analyze it. They can also generate necessary reports.

Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service collect the Data in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Organize and analyze your data easily. Generate necessary reports as and when required.Generate more leads, increase sales revenue, improve customer satisfaction and hence increase customer retention. It is a smart and practical approach to managing your business and reducing the number of tasks and decisions to be taken. And since various platforms of marketing like websites, email, social media and even calling can be integrate into the CRM system, it makes it an even bigger necessity for any big or small organization. Having a single platform for all your records is always beneficial for taking important present and future business decisions.

It helps in generating more leads, increases the sales revenue, improvement in customer satisfaction and hence increases customer retention. The organization, big or small, can take important present and future decisions of the business more easily by integrating the various platforms of marketing like websites, emails, social media, and calls into a CRM system. So this is a smart and practical approach to managing the business and reducing the number of tasks and decisions to be taken proves beneficial.

Our comprehensive CRM software consists of the following Modules:

1) Leads

Lead management that will help to focus on the potential clients and improve efficiency and productivity. It helps businesses to keep track of the best customers.

2) Accounts

The company pays its accounts, receives payments, and handles payroll.

3) Contacts

Improve your marketing strategies by organizing your contacts so that you can gather important information about your customers and maintain customer satisfaction.

4) Opportunities

This helps in finding out the customers amongst your leads that would most likely convert and this can help in defining your marketing strategy and optimize and improve
your sales process.

5) Activities

Reports are generated from recording sales activities.

6) Products

This creates a database for your company’s products, so you can keep track of the placed orders and purchases made.

7) Campaigns

Managing your sales campaigns, schedules and analysis through the data collected. A single UI gives you and your employees numerous access points that can be accessed.

8) Quotations

You list all products and their individual quotes in this inventory for your products. So you can keep track of the sales structure of the products and learn which products are doing well and which are lacking in sales.

9) Sales

This helps to organize the sales data along with customer data and this eases the business decision making process. So you can use the data generated to understand your business‘s Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and identify customer issues. You can also manage your sales data to learn about sales performance and identify where improvements are necessary. The recorded data makes it easier to identify the problem areas because the Analysis of the data from past sales and generating reports can be conducted.

10) Invoice

Manage customer payments by creating and sending invoices. The list of invoices generates the records accordingly.

11) Purchase

This helps keep record of the orders and purchases made by the company for its own production purposes. It generates a record of all these transactions along with the record of potential suppliers and maintaining billing.

12) Vendor

You can monitor the placement of orders and the transactions made.

13) Reports

Various portals provide ease of access to generate realtime data reports. These reports add to the improvement and flexibility in the sales process.

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