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Data Recovery Software

Data Recovery Software

Data Recovery Software helps with better management of the data. It is a secure process and it even makes the process of transferring data easier. You have faster access to your data and being aware and better informed of all the information available assists with making productive decisions and enhances business.

Our Data Recovery Software helps to recover:

  • Data lost due to Accidental deletion
  • Data lost due to malware or virus
  • Deleted data (documents, email data, videos, photos, etc.)
  • Files if the drive partitions are formatted or corrupt
    • Our software has the following features:

    • It has a user-friendly interface with color-coded activities on the administration panel
    • Manage your customers with ease
    • Create and maintain records
    • Admin can define user roles and edit and delete as well.
    • The Job Status, Billing and SMS information can be tracked, analyzed and managed
    • Sending mails to customers can be managed as easily
    • Important customer information and transactions done are recorded
    • Easy Backup of the database files
    • Recovery Certificate is provided
    • Multiple Certificates can be generated
    • Keep track of the business operations and generate Excel, PDF reports
        Our software developers are available to offer you support in case of any queries or difficulties.

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