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LMS (Leave Management System)

LMS (Leave Management System):

Leave Management System (LMS) is important to be implemented by both small and big companies because it is a highly efficient process that is reliable.

  • Simple user interface
  • Plan and create Leave types and policies
  • Manage Leaves
  • Apply for a Leave(s)
  • Track Leaves
  • View and share Reports through Excel, PDF or other format

Why to choose our LMS (Leave Management System)?

Save time and Money by reducing the number of tasks to be done in calculating leave balances
Increase Efficiency with this simple and easy to use system

Manage Multiple Leaves Policies by defining the rules and policies to be set.
Custom Setting based on company’s needs.
Real time tracking and hence better management.
Calculate Accurate Leave Balance with such skilled automation.
It is Secure and Scalabel.

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