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Web Page Design

Designing is the core part of web development. To make your presence felt 24/7, web sites are the best option. Dull and lean web site only adds he worries as the visitors do not spend much time on it.

Our tailored web designs best suit your style of working, business type and growth needs. Our designers take all the efforts to provide you with the most creative and innovative design that would serve business interests and allow the visitors to spend maximum time your web site and eventually generating revenue for your company.


Gone are the days when people used to wait for your business correspondence through couriers to get aware of your business. Today everything is available at a click. People want everything fast and at a lightning speed. The same is true for web sites. In the attempt of designing a web site attractive and tempting, the most common mistake the some developers make is, they make the web site heavy resulting into longer delay time for loading. Not everyone will wait for it to load.

Our specifically designed web sites are exactly what you want. Light weight yet attractive, easy to load yet appealing. We believe, our growth is in your growth. Have a look at our work portfolio to get a crystal clear idea, what we really mean by our commitments.

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Even the most simplest of the structures, life cell, requires maintenance. And if you worry or concentrate about your web site updates and maintenance, it could hamper your business. But that does not mean, you can be complacent and get carried away. “You do your business; let us maintain and update your site.”

Our comprehensive services in web development and maintenance are designed to assist you; you can rely on us for keeping your bits up to date. Our services in this segment are simple, flexible and ready-made which keep your business up and running always – 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We have a wide range of options that range from monthly to annual to life time support maintenance program. If you feel that you don’t need regular / monthly updates on your website, you can choose to update them.

We have a keen and enthusiastic Website maintenance team that is available 24X7 to attend to your problems and requests giving precedence to you and start making updates to your requests or begin solving your problems straight away (within a maximum of 24 hours).

We offer the following regular Website updates and maintenance services:

  • Adding single or multiple pages.
  • Adding single or multiple images.
  • Updating images or contents on existing pages.
  • Making special announcements.
  • Announcing festival offers and wishes.
  • Making Temporary announcements about participation in events / exhibition.

No problem, if you don’t have a website designed and developed by us, we offer our maintenance services with a dedicated team that will respond to your complaints within 24 hours and provide you a 24x7 support.

We have flexible plans to suit your business needs. Also, our price quotes vary from as less as an hour’s work to complete life time plans for varied maintenance requirements.

To avoid any web related obstacles, allow us to update and maintain your website. For more details, call us on 94235 81475 or e-mail us at contact@mokshasolutions.com.

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