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Software solutions were designed to enhance working capabilities, to simplify the tasks and to reduce manual labor. Poorly designed software can be a pain in the neck and can lead your business into a lot of jeopardy. Thus it is utmost priority to develop reliable, user-friendly, secure and compatible software solutions that help in increasing your business efficiency.

Moksha Solutions pride at its ability to produce custom and tailored software solutions to meet your specific business needs that integrate into your unique environment. We provide you with the latest and the greatest technological measures that help in promoting your enterprise. We understand your business and deliver the most apt applications that increase your productivity.

When it comes to software development, you can count on us and trust us to get the most out of your investment. For more details on how we can shape up your business cycle with the advanced software solutions, call us on 94235 81475 or e-mail us at


Nowadays, SMEs and almost all big organizations prefer to have a local intranet functioning at their infrastructure. Intranet adds a lot of efficiency to the business and we are glad to be of some assistance for developing intranet web sites.

Our customized intranet options integrated with internal management database gives your company the perfect organizational structure. We are just a call away to serve you with your intranet development solutions.


Data is life for many organizations like Banks, Finance agencies, Insurance companies, etc. If Data is lost, companies can go bankrupt in no time. With the advent of everything going online, database management has got trendier and ever since its inception in 1960s, it has undergone many changes and database servers have been equipped with precautionary measures and security protocols have been implemented in view of fighting against today's online security threats and vulnerabilities.

We assure you of dynamic benefits when you choose to work your database development with Moksha. We provide powerful and scalable database management solutions and deliver robust, advanced, swift and easily expandable database systems.

No matter how big or small your database development option is. Even if you are planning the FACEBOOK, we offer the most stable database services that are able to handle a large number of inquiries and complicated SQL queries. Call us to get your new database structure designed.

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